About US

Addis Cardiac Hospital takes pride in being the first specialized cardiovascular hospital in Ethiopia, located at Bole Sub City in front of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo terminal. ACH joined the Hospital service in 2006 to provide modern and advanced investigations and treatment modalities for cardiac and related disease.

We are in the hospital business to deliver exceptional healthcare services to all those who will require our services. Our employees are well trained and qualified to handle the wide range of health care services. By investing millions, ACH has equipped itself with an advanced Cath lab and other latest medical equipment.

We are working to ensure that all our patients are given first class treatment whenever they visit our hospital. We have installed a new Hospital Management System (HRM) that will enable us to properly manage all activities increasing efficiency at all levels.ACH is owned by Ethiopian and Swedish shareholders, with one of its shareholder and Board chairman being Dr. Firku Maru, a highly qualified cardiologist educated and trained in Sweden with 20 plus years of working as a cardiologist.


Our vision is to create a world recognized medical institution highly specialized in cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment.


Addis Cardiac Hospital is in business to treat patient with cardiovascular and related disease in an efficient reliable and trustworthy manner by harnessing evidence based medicines, the latest innovation and technology based on continues learning and commitment to excellence